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About us

What we do:

We exist to persistently engage in worship and disciple those who come through our doors.


Why we do:

Crosspoint is dedicated to the worship of Jesus Christ and to forming disciples that Jesus modeled for us through his Word. We strive to disciple new converts into their God-given purpose. We believe that every individual that comes through our doors has a place in the kingdom, no matter their background. We also believe that each person has a God-given gift that we are willing to foster and develop so that they can win new souls for Christ. 

our Leadership:
Jason C. Garner

Lead Pastor

Ms. Melissa
Melissa Owens

Church Administrator

Mr. Jim Caton
Jim Caton

Media Director / Youth Leader

April Garner

Women's Discipleship Director & Christian Counselor 

Danny Rochelle

Worship Leader

Cross Point Logo R1.png
Tiffany & Josh Tyre

Christian Education and Children's Pastors

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